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Back in 2016 a United States based music composer and performer Sergio Elisondo released an one-man band music album titled A Winner Is You ( know your meme), with multi-instrumental cover versions of tunes from numerous memorable classic NES games. A special feature of this release has been its version released in the NES cartridge format that would run on a classic unmodified console and play digitized audio of the full album; instead of the typical chiptune sounds you would expect from this humble console. Shiru was involved with the software development part of this project.

This year Sergio makes a return with a brand new album release. This time, it is an all original music album titled "You Are Error", which is heavily influenced by video game music aesthetics. It also comes with a very special feature. This time, we have raised the stakes, and this new NES cartridge release includes not only digitized audio, but full motion videos for each song, done in a silhouette cutout style similar to the famous Bad Apple video (Hatsune Miku). Yet again, this project is successfully crowdfunded via Kickstarter... (Continue the article here)

You can still reserve a copy of this cartridge
Release date is ETA'd for July of 2024

Meet the Team:
Sergio Elisondo - Composer, musician, and visuals artist
Shiru - Main programmer and a seasoned veteran of NES programming
RetroUSB - Designer of the custom 64MB board and supplier of the hardware
Klaud San - Art

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"You Are Error" by Sergio Elisondo
$49.00 (Plus $8 Shipping)
**ETA July 2024**

"You Are Error" by Sergio Elisondo
INTERNATIONAL ONLY (Anywhere in the world - USA excluded)
$49.00 (Plus $20 Shipping)
**ETA July 2024**

"You Are Error" by Sergio Elisondo
**ETA May 2024**

"Storming a Castle… In Red Stilettos"
(Sample Track)

"Pendulum Swings"
(Sample Track)

Sergio Elisondo

Sergio and the Holograms / Sergio Elisondo profile image

Composer, musician, and visuals artist

Born and raised in San Jose CA, he began playing video games at an age too young to remember and music by the age of 12. He has always wanted to put the two together and now he has.

He is known for his work in "Sergio and the Holograms", which is a tech-progressive live performance production involving life-sized hologram projections, elborate youtube video game music covers, and composing for indie video games / publishing them.

He is both a self-taught punk-rocker and a formally trained classical musician. He is also a massive retro video game enthusiast. He received his BA in Music and MA in Education from San Jose State University. He is currently a full-time Software Engineer, college instructor, and video game developer/publisher.


Shiru icon / Shiru Profile Image

Main programmer and a seasoned veteran of NES programming

Nickname(s): Shiru, sometimes shiru8bit. In the past Shiru Otaku, DJ Uranus (as composer)

Location: Russia, Moscow

As coder: Started in 1994. C/C++, Assembler, J2ME, Java, JavaScript, Lua, AS3, PHP, AngelScript, Python, Haxe. 8080, Z80, x86, ARM, AVR, MCS51, 6502, 65816, 68000, SPC700. Atari 2600, Atari 8-bit, Arduino, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, Commodore VIC-20, Commodore PET, ESP12, Game Boy, IBM PC (DOS/Windows), MSX, NES, Palm, PocketPC, PowerTV, Radio 86RK and compatibles, Sega Master System, Sega Megadrive/Genesis, N64, SNES, Symbian, TI-8x, ZX Spectrum. Worked as a sound/tools/games programmer for several years.

As composer: Started in 1997. Any trackers, MIDI sequencers, DAWs, and other stuff. Both chip and sampled music. I also made music and sound effects for few commercial games. My favorite sound chip is 2A03. I prefer XM and FT2/Skale/MilkyTracker out of sample-based formats and trackers, and Psycle out of modern trackers.

As artist: Not an artist in general, I have basic skills of hand drawing, pixel art, digital painting, low and hi-poly 3D modelling.

Interests: Computers and game consoles. Anything related to video games. Programming for low spec systems and embedded devices. Music as a whole. Electric guitars and gear. Punk rock. Amateur electronics. Industrial history. Space. Nuclear power and weapons. Anime. Movies. Movie and animation making. VFX. Happiness for one and all.


retroUSB logo

Designer of the custom 64MB board and supplier of the hardware

When retroUSB started it was with spare parts in a guest bedroom retrofitting NES controllers. Then came the first USB adapters, a huge step to take a product to full manufacturing. Now chinese copies are everywhere. We mastered controllers but were still hungry for more.

We brought you the first NES homebrews using all brand new parts. This continuing effort expands the future of NES gaming, and fulfills the childhood dreams of many programmers. Next we went high tech with the PowerPak, a groundbreaking flash cart. We mastered cartridges and realized we could do more....